Reiss² Advisors Partnership with The Batten Group

Reiss² Advisors and The Batten Group (TBG) have collaborated to create a powerful synergy of executive search and fundraising expertise for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. This exciting partnership is expanding the reach and impact of both firms, as they can offer a comprehensive range of services to their clients.

  • TBG has over 75 years of collective experience recruiting exceptional candidates for nonprofit, healthcare, higher education, and mission-based organizations.
  • Reiss² Advisors are development and fundraising specialists. With a combined 50 years of experience, they have raised half a billion dollars through high net-worth donors, foundations, corporations for social justice, human rights, and legacy nonprofits.
  • Both firms are committed to putting DEI, lived-experience, and inclusive hiring practices at the center of their work.
  • Both firms have a track record of placing diverse talent and supporting inclusive cultures in the nonprofit sector.
  • TBG has completed over 600 retained searches, helping organizations fulfill their mission by finding the top 5-15% of talent.
  • TBG’s unique and tailored methodology process attracts a diverse and talented pool of candidates who share the vision and mission of the organization.
  • Efficient & Timely – TBG creates an effective plan of action based on the organization’s expectations. Their strategy is exact and laser focused.
  • Cost-Conscious Fee Structure – Due to their high regard for the work of nonprofit organizations and desire to build mutually beneficial relationships, they can save organizations thousands of dollars.
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Reiss² Advisors Partnership with The Batten Group

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