The Batten Group knows fundraising and nonprofit development positions perhaps better than anyone in executive search. We are extremely passionate about how critical it is to get the right fit in your organization for the development role. In fact, your mission depends on it! All movements are accelerated by stability in funding, and that takes talented fundraisers.

Our nonprofit executive search experts carefully qualify candidates for nonprofit development. We thoroughly analyze a candidate’s past fundraising metrics. We provide candidates with a questionnaire that is uniquely tailored to your organization and your unique culture.  We also carefully consider benchmarking based on total amount of funds raised in your geographical area or even in your area of philanthropy.

Candidates are familiar with The Batten Group’s extensive knowledge of philanthropy and nonprofit organizations and respect our ability to partner with them to advance their careers. We’re constantly striving to educate our audience of qualified candidates, even passive candidates so that when the time comes to grow their career, they know they can trust The Batten Group to connect them to one of our outstanding clients.

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