Nonprofit Strategic HR Planning Search

When there is a vacancy in an organization and uncertainty due to a strategic and/or managerial position left unfilled, time, money and direction can be lost. To combat the cost of an open position to our clients, and, in implementing a 360-degree search process, The Batten Group is proud to present ancillary services, including:

  • Counseling and support of the departing executive
  • Confidential counseling for staff
  • Search and placement for an interim executive, if necessary
  • Support and consulting to interim staff, if necessary
  • Consultation with Board members about Board development and planning
  • Transition management consultation and support to Board and staff

As a courtesy to our clients, we are able to offer other services including templates for Employee Agreements (EA), market and industry insight of Onboarding Packages, consultation for Performance Enhancement and Performance Review procedure and Position Fit Analysis.

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