The pace of philanthropy and nonprofit growth is creating unique challenges for nonprofit leadership. The Batten Group Executive Search and Consulting firm is uniquely positioned to find and evaluate the very best candidates to be the future face of your nonprofit. Recruiting is a crowded space, however very few firms focus exclusively on nonprofit president and CEO searches. Even fewer firms share the mission mindset of the nonprofits they are serving. Throughout the search process for the next top nonprofit executive, TBG updates the search committee and or Board of Directors regularly. The Batten Group is founded and managed by a former President and CEO of a nonprofit who understands the unique pressures and privileges of leading an inspired staff, organizing diverse constituent base, and coordinating with an engaged board of directors.

The competition for the top candidates for President and CEO of nonprofit organizations is intense, and thus the firm you retain for your nonprofit organization’s executive search ought to be tapped into not just active candidates but passive candidates. The very best President and CEO candidates are likely busy doing a great job with the opportunities that are in front of them in their current role with another nonprofit, but The Batten Group maintains meaningful relationships with a diverse pool of talented candidates.

The Batten Group has extensive experience working with national nonprofits and their search committees and boards to identify the unique requirements of the President and CEO position in context of the nonprofit mission and the nonprofits current trajectory or challenges.

For a President or CEO position our unique approach involves the following:

  1. Intake meeting
  2. Development of Position Description
  3. Market Research and Analysis
  4. Proactive outreach to the top qualified
  5. Board of Directors

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