Before everything else, determine if people are trustworthy. But, what if time is short and schedules full? How can you quickly spot someone you can trust? Leaders you can trust:

  1. ​​Acknowledge they don’t know.

  2. Treat waiters and waitresses with kindness and respect. 

    ​What condition do they leave rental cars and hotel rooms?

  3. Take clear positions on tough issues – after exploration and consideration. 

    ​Fence straddlers serve themselves. When push comes to shove, they’ll throw you under the bus. Don’t rely on someone who tests the wind before making decisions. When the wind changes, so will they.

  4. Move toward relationship rather than isolation.

  5. Honor others.

  6. Say thank you.

  7. Exhibit tender hearts and tenacious wills.

  8. Make life better for others.

  9. Listen eagerly, actively, and openly.

    ​What are they reading?

    What have they recently learned?

    How has their thinking changed?

    What is their ratio of speaking to listening?

    How often to they ask questions?

  10. Talk about themselves humbly and realistically.

  11. ​Talk about others thankfully.

  12. Think long-term more than short-term. 

    ​Both are necessary. But, long-term perspectives take more courage than short.

  13. Stay steady under pressure. Stress reveals character. 

    ​What happens when things don’t go their way?

  14. Work toward agreements.

  15. Deal with controversies and tough issues quickly and optimistically. 

    ​Trustworthy leaders don’t sweep issues under the carpet.

  16. Look skeptically on quick fixes.

  17. Follow fads cautiously.

  18. Learn from experiences. 

    ​What have they learned that doesn’t work?

    What worked for them in the past?

  19. Stick with it. 

    How long have they been at this?

    How long are their richest relationships?

    What makes them quit?

  20. Give generously.

  21. Love getting things done.

  22. Take responsibility. 

    ​Have you heard them say they screwed up?

    When was the last time they apologized?

    How do they respond when people make mistakes?

  23. Stand on principle even when it hurts.

  24. Grow angry slowly.

  25. Share weaknesses when appropriate.


Source: Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak