1. Recruiting targets have ample free time in December. Many employees and even customers take time off during this month and many projects seem to be put on hold. With teammates taking time off for vacation or shopping, there is simply more slack time for individuals to look for a job and to respond to our calls. Many take their unused vacation in December and as a result, they are unusually available for calls and interviews. And finally, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is also typically a time when individuals reflect on their life and work and whether it’s time to make a change. When they are off work, prospects don’t need to lie to their boss in order to find time to go to an interview.

  2. December is the #1 “easy-excuse month” for candidates. December is the #1 easiest month to find an acceptable use to leave the office. This is because so many employees routinely leave the office for a few hours using acceptable reasons like shopping, running errands, and Christmas parties. Because bosses are so accepting of excuses, it is relatively easy for candidates to make an excuse to get out of the office for either a long lunch or a formal interview.

  3. December is a bonus payout time. Once individuals receive their year-end bonus they know that they can’t get another bonus for a full year. This payout reduces their incentive to stay at their current firm. Also if they are disappointed with their bonus amount, or the percentage of next year’s salary increase, they now have new good reasons for beginning a job search.

  4. Prospects will be highly active on social media. The holiday season is a prime time to be contacting friends, online shopping, and sending pictures and greetings. Taken together this means that prospects will be online and easier to communicate with. The extra free time during December will also provide individuals with opportunities to update their social media content, their LinkedIn profiles, and their resumes, so that they are ready to begin a job search.

  5. They will carry a mobile platform with them 24/7. The mobile platform is always a powerful recruiting tool. However, it is even more so during the holiday season where people naturally answer calls and texts more often because they are expecting calls from family and friends. No one goes shopping without their mobile phone and many are much more likely to answer while they are traveling to the mall, shopping or waiting in line.

  6. The economy will likely get a kick-start with the fiscal cliff deal. Smart hiring authorities will begin there discussions with us right before the deal is completed, in order to get the best talent before other firms begin to ramp up their recruiting.

  7. New fiscal year budgets are coming open. Because many business calendar years start January 1, managers will know their upcoming budget and headcount in early December. This provides an opportunity for us to work with hiring authorities and to get a head start on soon-to-be-open positions.