Happy National Waffle Day!

Today is National Waffle Day, a day to celebrate all things waffles. But for nonprofit executives, it’s also a day to remember the importance of decisiveness.

Waffling can be a costly mistake. It can lead to missed opportunities, lost productivity, and even damaged relationships.

So, how can nonprofit executives avoid waffling at work? Here are a few tips:

  • Be clear about your goals. What do you want to achieve? Once you know your goals, you can make decisions that are aligned with them.
  • Gather all the information you need. Don’t make decisions based on incomplete information. Take the time to gather all the facts before you make a decision.
  • Trust your gut instinct. Sometimes, the best decisions are the ones that feel right. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut.
  • Be decisive. Once you’ve made a decision, stick to it. Don’t second-guess yourself or waffle on your decision.

Waffling can be a slippery slope. It can lead to procrastination, indecisiveness, and even paralysis by analysis. If you want to be a successful nonprofit executive, learning to make decisions and stick to them is essential.

So, on National Waffle Day, remember to enjoy your waffles, but don’t waffle at work!

Here are some additional tips for nonprofit executives on how to avoid waffling:

  • Set clear expectations with your team. Let them know what you expect from them and how you want them to make decisions.
  • Create a culture of accountability. Hold people accountable for their decisions, both good and bad.
  • Celebrate successes. When people make good decisions, be sure to celebrate their successes. This will encourage them to continue making decisions in the future.

By following these tips, you can create a culture of decisiveness in your nonprofit organization. This will help you achieve your goals and make a real difference.

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