Hiring the best talent is one of the most critical aspects for leaders building the most competitive and compelling teams!

At the same time, boards and search committees are wrestling with the external environment; competitive salaries, work/life balance, office flexibility, the high costs of travel/food/lodging, and the best ways to motivate your employees, so they don’t get recruited away.

Here 5 strategies to help you hire top talent for your organization in 2023.

1. Make your engagement with candidates appealing, professional, and meaningful.
—- More than 40 percent of job seekers would reject an offer after having a bad candidate experience.

2. Be 100 % transparent about the role from the very beginning of your engagement.
—- Candidates know the position description isn’t everything they need to know about the job…be open, transparent, and clear about the role.

3. Highlight your diverse culture
—- Share how your culture and organization is a champion for diversity, inclusion, and equality and provides a place where it’s ok to be heard.

4. Share a vision for a culture of internal mobility.
—- Make sure you let candidates know about the potential future at your organization and how you respect and reward hard work and accomplishments.

5. Focus on skills as much as or more than experience.
—- In every case, skills and experience are both critical. You should pay special attention to essential skills that are, many times, transferrable.

It’s not the hiring environment you think it is! It is the toughest market in a decade for hiring the best talent. We know how to bring the top 10% talent pool to your organization. Connect with us today to learn how you can be the best in 2023!

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