The second half of the year is in full swing, and it’s a great time to take stock of your progress and make adjustments to your goals for the remainder of the year. It’s also an opportunity to set new goals, adjust your strategies, and plan for the rest of the year. But how do you conduct a midyear review that is effective and meaningful? The following are questions to ask yourself to stay on track and achieve your goals:

  • Key Accomplishments. What are all of the great things that I got done over the past six months? What goals did I achieve? What things am I most proud of accomplishing? Which of my goals did I really miss the mark on?
  • Relationship Development. What new relationships did I develop? Which of my existing relationships did I significantly strengthen? Which relationships may I have overlooked or not given enough attention to?
  • Learning. What opportunities to learn new things did I take advantage of? What were the things I learned most about myself? What were the things that I learned most about my business?
  • Mistakes. What mistakes did I make? What mistakes could I have avoided? What mistakes provided me with the most significant development and learning opportunities?
  • Time Management. How well did I manage my time? Have I been focusing my time on the most important things in my life? Are there any significant “time wasters” that I need to reduce or eliminate from my life? When am I most productive? When am I least productive?
  • Top 3 Work-Related Goals. What are my top three work-related goals for the remainder of the year? Why are those goals important to me? What habits and processes do I need to adopt to support those goals?
  • Top 3 Personal Goals. What are my top three personal goals for the remainder of the year? Why are those goals important to me? Who can I share those goals with to help hold me accountable for achieving them?
  • Relationship Development. Which relationships will I focus on strengthening and developing during the second half of the year? Who do I want to meet and get to know? Who can most help me achieve my work-related and personal goals?
  • Learning and Knowledge. What areas of learning do I most need to focus on? What new skills do I need to develop? What skills do I need to “keep current”? What one skill, if mastered, would have the greatest impact on the achievement of my goals?
  • Habits. What time management habits do I need to develop and strengthen? What three habits, if developed and sustained, would have the greatest positive impact on my work life and personal life? What habits do I know I need to drop or replace?

Taking Action

Once you’ve answered these questions, take some time to reflect on your answers and develop a plan for action. What specific steps can you take to achieve your goals? What resources do you need to help you succeed? Whom can you enlist to help you stay accountable?

By taking the time to do a midyear review, you can ensure that you’re on track to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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