New research reveals that 66 percent of U.S. employers experience losses in business last year due to bad hires. But according to the survey of more than 6,000 hiring professionals worldwide, bad hires – individuals who turned out to be either poor cultural fits or poor performers – had a negative impact on business all over the world last year. Companies in the top 10 world economies reported lost revenue, productivity and business opportunities as a result of bad hires. When it comes to quantifying those losses, here’s what employers had to say…

  • 27 percent of U.S. employers says a bad hire costs the company more than $50,000

  • 29 percent of German employers say a bad hire costs 50,000 euros ($65,231)

  • 27 percent of U.K. employers say a bad hire costs more than 50,000 British pounds

  • 29 percent of Indian employers say a bad hire costs 2 million Indian rupees ($37,150)

  • 48 percent of employers in China reported costs exceeding 300,000 CNY ($48,734)


Turning Data Into Action: What This Means for You

When it comes to avoiding hiring mistakes, employers said they were taking longer to extend offers while they assess whether a candidate really is the best fit for the job and their company culture: however, employers who want to expedite the hiring process – without sacrificing quality – may want to consider woking with a staffing and recruiting firm. Even if resources are tight, working with a quality firm can eliminate the costs and labor-intensive hours of finding the right hire.

Source: Mary Lorenz