The most successful executive search consultants are part salesman, career counselor, consultant, advisor, fact finder, archaeologist, and psychiatrist. They are balanced in their advice. They present both sides of the story, ask candidates a multitude of questions about their professional needs and wants, and work to build relationships based on trust. This takes time, commitment and knowledge of the industry.

The best search firms don’t take short cuts because short cuts don’t work. They consistently practice the basics that proceed successful results. Here are some of the basics:


Sourcing is not just trolling LinkedIn and other online sites to find names. It’s picking up the phone and sharing a compelling story. It’s looking online in creative ways. It’s reviewing our extensive database. It’s 30 years of knowledge and networking in the nonprofit industry.

Turning names into conversations:

Top talent returns a phone call from The Batten Group. They know our reputation in the industry. We make contact with the best candidates quickly.

Turn conversations into candidates:

We ask questions about their needs and wants and show them how we can help meet their career goals. We share our client’s mission and the opportunity before them.

Interview process:

We prepare both sides for the interview process and set proper expectations. We do our homework beforehand so there are no surprises at the interview.

Stay in communications:

We provide feedback in a timely manner and communicate next steps. Keeping a candidate (or a client) in the dark will not elicit good will.

Hold their hand:

We spend time answering questions and dealing with concerns. We don’t avoid difficult conversations. This high-touch interaction enables our candidate to trust us. Trust is crucial to a positive outcome.


Our vetting system is a finely honed process. References, background checks, negotiations are handled efficiently resulting in a 95% risk-free hire.

Follow up:

After the offer is signed, we maintain contact with out clients through the first 6 months on the job.