Smart anglers know that you just don’t walk out the door with a stick, some twine, a hook, and old bait and expect to land the big one. The great ones, like The Batten Group know that it takes a lot of preparation before you’re ready to catch that prize-winning candidate.

Check your tackle box

Take stock of your standard tools for attracting top candidates. Review your Web site, and marketing materials. A smart potential candidate will research your organization just like a wise donor will. Is your information accurate and up to date?

Choose your fishing hole wisely

Top anglers know where the fish are and what they are eating. Your top candidate is NOT reading the want ads (in the newspaper or online). They are focused on doing their job and fulfilling the mission of their organization…not trolling for bait at the water’s edge. The Batten Group has 30+ years of networking knowledge of the nonprofit industry. We’re in the market space daily and we know where the fish are biting.

The First Nibble

How you handle the first contact with a candidate can make or break your recruiting efforts. If the process is too difficult, time consuming, or frustrating, good candidates will just swim away to less-troubled waters.

Sizing Up The Catch

So you caught a fish. How will you determine if he is a keeper or one to throw back in the water? The Batten Group has a proven method for making the most out of the phone screening process. Only the very best candidates makes it to the next phase for a face-to-face interview.

Reeling Them In

It’s not over yet. You may have the best candidate on your hook but they can still wriggle away in the negotiating process. Now that you are sure you want them, you have to get them to say “yes.” The best candidates will have other options, The Batten Group is your best ally in this final process. It’s our job to not only recruit the best candidates but to help them make a wise choice.